30 Life Lessons I Learned By 30

30 things I learned by 30

Right before turning 31, I asked myself what would be the most important lessons I learned through life up until that point. What had a real, profound impact on me ? What shaped my life for the better ? Here are the answers, what I truly know to be true today with my current perspective.

I hope you enjoy these 30 life lessons and maybe even gain something from them !

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1. Life is a gift.

Being able to taste so many things through our 5 senses and explore such a diverse, beautiful world makes me so grateful.

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2. Any situation is an opportunity to evolve.

Whether we are in flow or experiencing a difficult time, we can always use these times to grow.

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3. Happiness is a perspective we choose.

In my experience, long-lasting happiness is not found externally. Not in a new item to purchase, a new trip to make, nor in someone else’s eyes. It is an internal contentment that occurs when we choose to love our life for what it is and be truly grateful for the journey.

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4. The heart is the door to our essence.

Our heart is a powerful portal that allows us to feel the pure energy of the universe.

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5. Life always supports us.

I have witnessed this so many times in my own life and in the one of those around me. If we allow ourselves to receive, life gives us exactly what we need when we need it.

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6. Our intuition knows what is best for us.

By following it, we can access everything that really makes us feel alive. But where do we begin ? I’m glad you asked. I guide you through a step-by-step process and give you detailed tips in this article.

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7. Our excitement is a great indicator of our highest path.

This is a powerful way our intuition speaks to us. Excitement indicates what is best for us at any time. Trust it, even for the most mundane things.

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8. A life with magic is so much more fun.

I have always been drawn to magic, but it is only since I really gave it a big place in my life that I live with sparks in my eyes. And in the end, I’m pretty sure that, as Arthur C. Clarke said, “magic is just science we don’t understand yet”.

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9. Some places hold deep wisdom and codes of transformation for us.

Those are specific places that we feel called to without any logical explanation. While our mind doesn’t really understand, our heart knows.

One such place for me, and the most important to date, has been New York City. I was obsessed with this city for years, until I felt that she had taught me everything I needed to follow through with other adventures. At least for now.

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10. Our planet is incredibly beautiful, and way safer than we may believe.

Stop watching the news, and get out there ! (Unless you’re in lockdown, of course.) Media tends to portray the world as such a dangerous place. But the reality is that most people have a good heart and are happy to help you if you’re in need.

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11. Gratitude is an antidote to fear.

When we are stuck imagining the worst case scenario around a particular situation, shifting to gratitude can be so powerful. One of my favorite ways to do it is by stating in my mind “thank you for this situation to unfold in my highest good and in the highest good of all”.

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12. We can be masterful of our own state of being.

Our emotions do not control us. Yes, sometimes, it can feel like it. Sometimes the storm is so powerful that we forget that they are not us, that they are just the symptom of a story we’ve been telling ourselves. One that is probably not even true.

But in any storm, we have the power to stand in the center and observe what is going on. And slowly but surely, we can deactivate that story and begin creating different emotions in our body. Peace. Compassion. Love. Gratitude.

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13. Deconditioning is highly liberating.

We are all deeply programmed, whether it be by our family or by society. If we understand that our beliefs and opinions are given to us at a young age, we can start questioning them. And then we can decide which ones we want to keep and which ones we would rather update.

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14. We can change even our oldest thought patterns.

Nothing – NOTHING – is set in stone ! With proper work, we can transform even the most engrained ways of thinking. And if we don’t get rid of them entirely, we can at least reduce them to a percentage low enough to set us free.

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15. We are like onions : our healing is like peeling off layers to get deeper and deeper to the core.

Sometimes an old issue we thought we had already healed comes back to the surface. Or we get ourselves in the same situation again. For the fifteenth time.

All of this is normal. We are not going backwards, we have a new opportunity to examine the situation from yet another angle, and gain new wisdom. Everytime, we get to define even more what we want and how we react.

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16. We don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

We can have flaws, and still be loved. We can show any emotion, even the most painful ones, and still be loved. As long as they are able to show compassion, trust that your loved ones will be happy to hold space for you even when you’re not at your absolute best.

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17. Real self transformation only happens out of love.

We can’t change who we are by trying to become perfect or “fix” ourselves because we are not “good enough”. I’ve tried. For years.

True change comes when we start loving ourselves so much that we know we deserve better. Peace. Love. Fulfillment. And from that place, our limiting beliefs vanish and we get to be reborn again and again.

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18. Compassion is the foundation of altruism.

Being able to relate to what others feel makes us realize how interconnected we all are. In that space, we feel the other person’s suffering as our own, and naturally wish them healing and peace.

In my experience, the more we learn to hold compassion for ourselves, the more we are able to offer it to others. Which leads me to my next lesson.

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19. Selfishness and altruism are not necessarily incompatible.

We can take care of ourselves and care for others at the same time. It is just about balance. Going inwards to honor when we need to recharge and take time for us allows us to go back into the world when the moment comes to help others and share what we have created.

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20. We live in a world full of paradoxes and we can hold seemingly opposing truths simultaneously.

We live in a multidimensional world. The more we can allow different perspectives to coexist within us, even if they seem to contradict each other, the more we can access a wider understanding.

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21. Certitude can be limiting.

By staying open to new perspectives and remaining humble, we can actually experience a lot more of what life has to offer.

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22. Surrender is much more powerful than control.

It takes a lot of energy from us to try to keep things under control so that we don’t suffer. But the truth is, we cannot really avoid suffering or control our way through life.

Instead, we are invited to meet our pain and surrender to the fullness of life. It is by trusting that whatever comes our way is for our ultimate highest good that we can truly live in peace.

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23. Connection with others is much more beautiful when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

True intimacy is only possible when we decide to share our internal world with another person. To show them who we really are in that moment, even if it feels uncomfortable.

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24. Relationships are the biggest mirrors.

Relationships have a way of bringing up our s***. You know, those deep wounds that can feel so painful and overwhelming. They are also a great opportunity to begin to embrace them with love – and heal them.

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25. When it comes to romantic relationships, compatibility is more important than the feeling of love.

Obvisouly, being attracted to someone and having genuine feelings for them is important. But those can develop with time. However, core incompatibility cannot usually be overriden. And while it is nice to make the most of a relationship for the time it lasts, in the long run it is hard to sustain a partnership with incompatibility over essential matters.

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26. Love is not only an emotion, but a powerful energy.

Love is what resides in our heart at all times. It radiates to all beings without discrimination. I believe it is what our world is made of. Ever present. All the time. Everywhere.

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27. Faith in something bigger than our human self can literally change our life.

The perspective we gain when we realize that we are consciousness itself having a physical experience in a human suit opens up infinite possibilities for us. And as a sovereign being, we have direct access to this unlimited wisdom and are free to develop our own personal spirituality.

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28. We have the most impact in society by expressing our own unique gifts and quirks.

Own your weird ! What makes your heart sing is also what people need the most from you. I believe that a society where everyone is supported in doing what they love (and therefore are genuinely good at) would be a much more harmonious and peaceful place.

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29. Anything is possible.

This is one of the most precious lessons I learned : never stop dreaming. If a dream comes to you, it is already here.

Yes, there might be a time delay, and sometimes you’ll realize that what you think you want is not actually what’s best for you. Life always has a way to redirect you on your highest path. But YOU have to start.

If you nourish them, your dreams and your visions for yourself and the world do become reality. So what do you choose to live ?

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30. We are already infinitely abundant.

Life is so abundant. Our planet is so abundant. If we look closely, we will see that we really have enough for everyone. Whether it be money, food, or even love.

We truly have the possibility of meeting every person’s needs on this planet, and live harmoniously together.

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So I hope these personal realization inspired you and sparked new perspectives and ideas for you.

Is there any particular one that resonated with you ? What lessons have YOU learned up until now ?

Please share one or two in the comments ! I would be happy to add to my list, and I am sure others will benefit from it as well.

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